Medieval city by Geistig

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Ashnord was one of the oldest and largest cities in Alterac. During the Great War of Lordaeron it was controlled by Jere Kavdan, one of the nobles of the realm. The Chancellors were often suspicious of the loyalties of the people of Ashnord, and sent many of their Assassin-Magi to spy on the city. Disappearances were hardly commonplace.

When the citadel of Alterac was destroyed by agents of Lordaeron and Ravenholdt, the Chancellors were destroyed. Halman Perenolde became king of the land, and the Frostmane trolls attacked both Alterac City and Ashnord. Jere Kavdan abandoned Ashnord and marched with an army to Alterac City, but he found it occupied by Perenolde and his men. To save himself, Kavdan converted to Perenolde's cause. Ashnord was saved from the Frostmane trolls when the Ramrod Legion intervened.

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