Asciana Blackhammer-Hadanot was the daughter of elven heiress Lucina Nona Hadanot and Siolfor Blackhammer. Her mother was quite promiscuous and so Siolfor thought it unlikely the child was his; however, as she neared her due date, he and his people began to worry about that possibility. Junno Flyntrock discovered this information and sold it to Ignal Ironroot, who leaked it to the press. Siolfor's already damaged reputation was smashed to pieces when Lucina gave birth to a child none could doubt was his. Lucina fled with her daughter, named Asciana, to Stormwind to seek refugee from the public attention.

Family treeEdit

Voutgar Blackhammer
Unknown Hadanot
Oneida Blackhammer
Siolfor Blackhammer
Lucina Nona Hadanot
Ul'haik Hadanot
Unnamed Child
Asciana Blackhammer-Hadanot

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