For King Eralas!

The guard captain of King Eralas Trollbane, Arlith set off with his king towards the Fenris Summit. En route, the party encountered Hesperia's Eastern Legino mobilizing and marching in the direction of the Thoradin Wall. Arlith was sent back to Stromgarde to warn regent Dorath Trollbane of what may have been an impending invasion.

At Fenris, Eralas lost his bodyguard to slaughter and declared Stromgarde's neutrality. In the meanwhile, Arlith met with Tribune Garrius Septim. Though Eralas was to resign as king and let Dorath take the reins, Arlith saw his services rewarded by being raised to the rank of Tribune.

He served under Garrius Septim in the invasion of Hesperia and helped take Cattana and Tornio. He was captured and taken to Seashire, but was freed by the Companions. There it was discovered that he was at the Perfectibilists summit as an observer. Afterwards, he returned to the Stromgarde front to continue to fight in defense of his country.

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