Fury of the Lion by capprotti

Such grim talk, my prince, when the sons of Strom fight for you.

Anrothan of Clan Donchadh was one of members of the Brotherhood of Strom and a Troll Hunter. Clan Donchadh was one of the few clans to be staunchly royalist, having supported Thoradin from the beginning.

When Eralas Trollbane travelled to Quel'Thalas with volunteers to help the elves fight the trolls, Anrothan was one of the first to join the company. He was one of the few to survive the Battle of Silvermoon. With Eralas and Anasterian he fled to Quel'Danas. There, the Benefactors managed to sway thousands of elves to their cause. Kariel Winthalus tried to assassinate Anasterian, but Anrothan and Eralas barred the way. Anrothan and Anasterian fled with much of the royal family to Caer Darrow. Eralas stayed behind and cut off Kariel's arm, but was afterwards killed.

Anrothan and Prince Nallorath Sunstrider travelled to the Battle of Quel'Danas to turn the tide.

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