Driads by 88grzes

Absinthe solves everything.

As brother of Irael, Andrael was one of the Twins and a pupil of Madreen Chameral. He was secretly converted to the Malefactor cause, and ultimately exploited his position to kill Madreen at Xalmor Windrunner's behest.

Andrael felt a great amount of guilt for his actions, not at all eased by the fact that he had to decapitate Madreen and carry his head around with him. Xalmor gave him orders to find Brutus Armaggon, and he set off to complete them. As night fell he found his way to a small town. After booking a room at the inn he tried to drown his misery with alcohol. He became lonely and so paid a prostitute to keep him company.

He gave his life in the Battle of the Box, and was reanimated by Arronax Sanguinar as one of his zombie slaves.

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