One of the Tribunes of Stromgarde, known for both his sharp mind and for his pride. One of the younger Tribunes,

The Paladin by justaman78

Let me out and allow me to tidy myself up, and I'll be more Lordly than anyone from your pitiful country.

Anderas was glad to have a chance to prove himself against the Hesperian Alliance. His duties rotated between Seashire and the recently taken city of Cattana from enemy hands. Tiberius Leo managed to infiltrate Cattana after fighting his way to the city, and fought Anderas. Anderas was subdued and imprisoned. Afterwards, Avette Korgal intended to use him as bait to lure and assassinate Garrius Septim in false negotiations.

Tiberius Leo chose to spurn the idea of dishonour and refused to use Anderas as bait. Garrius Septim promised to consider withdrawal from Hesperia in exchange for the return of Anderas, but Leo put up a resistance to the notion and left Septim with an ultimatum.

The Bright LordsEdit

After an extended imprisonment and servitude in Dalaran, he was freed after the death of Javali. Unfortunately, madness had claimed him and he was one of a handful to proclaim himself Bright Lord. It was not entirely certain whether he made the claim out of true insanity or if he was unhappy with the more moderate policies of the dominant claimant, Warren Greystone. At Daevin Shadowbreaker's request, Warester Van Dam had Anderas assassinated by Amarian Zeshuwal.

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