Wood elf by devjohnson-d38ow9k

After a life wasted in opulence and sloth I have felt the kiss of Mnesthes.

One of the rangers of Quel'thalas, Andellion distinguished himself in his ventures. He was eventually picked out by Rommath to form a part of his personal honour guard. Andellion grew disillusioned with the luxuries of Silvermoon City and readily defected to Kariel Winthalus when Kariel declared himself Sunking.

He became a representative of the Benefactors to Javali and followed the Western Legion around after the defeat of Stromgarde. Eventually, he was interrogated by Sister Gianata. In return, Andellion planted spies in Gianata's camp, not realising that Hareveim can detect lies. Thus, Morgum was quickly discovered to be a double agent. But not before Morgum could tip off Andellion that Gianata was housing Sister Anazar and Phorcys. Andellion handed the valuable information over to the authorities and activated his Morrow Stone before Gianata could stop him.

When Gianata did confront Andellion, however, she had the Scroll of Lore. Andellion was utterly destroyed.

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