An old elf and one of the allies of the Benefactors, Anandor spent much time in the Arathi Highlands amongst the pagan tribesmen. A Muharist, Anandor was not strictly a member of the Mnesthian Benefactors, but functioned much like the pagan Templar, as an ally subordinate to Kariel Winthalus.

Anandor negotiated with Mallick Vitalian and acted as a go-between for Kariel Winthalus. He helped solidify an alliance between Vitalian, Kariel, Daneb and Lukas Notaras. This alliance then saw Dorath Trollbane and Carolus Alden killed. Anandor was then sent alongside Haeliel, Liera and tribesmen to Stonehold, to assassinate Eldengar Trollbane. Anandor acted as a guide and a translator.

Liera betrayed the assassins. Haeliel was killed and Anandor was taken prisoner.

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