Age of Men'heva

Main StoryEdit

Warester Van Dam, Krasus and Hocus Snood journey into the wayward future to obtain the Ultimate Nullifier, a spell that could allow them to turn the tide against Men'heva. What they find is a bit more than they bargained for.

Other StoriesEdit

Viridian Edit

Sylvanas Windrunner's fateful quest to kill the rogue templar.

The Last Amani Edit

The last member of the Amani tribe tries to get bring justice to those who would offend his god.

Untold Stories Edit

Azure Edit

Abiel Vraythan finds an odd book during his wizardry studies.

Ivory Edit

Jastor Gallywix decides to get himself a better lot in life.

Maroon Edit

Prince Arthas Menethil's pursuit of power and vengeance leads him on a dangerous path.

Theramore Edit

As Kul Tiras' independence crumbles, Princess Jaina Proudmoore must look elsewhere to resist the Prophet.

Operation: GnomereganEdit

The Prophet places an order with the gnomes, with disastrous consequences.

Saving Private Sliverberg Edit

The rebels try and find an old friend lost behind enemy lines.

Nightfall Edit

The fall of the night elven people.

Lionheart Edit

Amnesiac gladiator Akaerna-Sagai is more than she seems.

Rise of the Raptors Edit

Rhonin marshals a new force for his Prophet.

Hammerfall Edit

The rise and demise of the Empire of the Five Hammers.

Light Goes Out Edit

The largest pocket of Lightist resistance is hunted by the Scarlet Crusade.

Tides of Blood Edit

Attuma Periandrius rules the open seas with an iron fist, but faces a threat from below.

Unforgotten Edit

Alonsus Faol discovers a dark, long lost power.

Alone Ranger Edit

Nathanos Marris' path to becoming a ranger was not an easy one.

Landslide Edit

Dick Cipher had always been a rebel.

Rise of the HordeEdit

On Draenor, the orcs are change forever by the interference of a being from beyond.

Twilight of the Aspects Edit

The Prophet's quest to remove all obstacles from his way leads him to conflict with the dragonflights.

Dragon Soul Edit

The Old Gods have their own designs for Azeroth, and the Prophet is not a part of them. They call upon their greatest servants to destroy him.

Pandemonium Edit

The Prophet turns his attention to a forgotten continent, shrouded in mist.

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