A long time ago, in a land far far away...

Aeleas Cloudcaller was a Night Elf druid under the tutelage of Cenarius and Malfurion Stormrage in Kalimdor before and after the Sundering. When the Highborne unleashed a tempest of magic across Ashenvale, they were exiled across the sea. Aeleas asked Cenarius if he would be permitted to follow the exiled Highborne, to guide and teach those willing the druidic arts. Cenarius took to the idea, and ordained that Aeleas was to raise a runestone on a site of nature magic, and to tell the Highborne in their hour of need that they would be allowed to return to Kalimdor someday if they would renounce their ways.

Thus, Aeleas Cloudcaller followed the Highborne into the Eastern Kingdoms, where he raised his runestone and founded the Druids of Caer Darrow. The Call of the Wise brought many elves to Caer Darrow, who became his disciples. Amongst these disciples were Fenthelan Swiftwind and Amron Radiun Malad. Both vied to become Cloudcaller's Heir, when Aeleas realised that his days were numbered. Fenthelan succeeded Aeleas upon his death, and Amron became enraged and fled Caer Darrow.

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